About Us

NA Structures is dedicated to elevating construction, thus we bring new technologies to evolve construction practices.

Every member of the NA Structures team embody our commitment of bringing excellence to every project, constantly learning, applying and delivering “Better” and never settling for the same.

Our constant adoption of technology to improve the processes used, mastering software, and the application of same, will bring greater value to those builders and architects searching for “better”.

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Our Mission

As a manufacturer of off-site fabricated, custom framing components, NA Structures is evolving the way custom homes are being built.Our dedication to using advanced technologies and a systems-based process, offers our clients unique benefits in building custom homes.

Our goal on every project is that our clients experience framing precision in less time, with less skilled labour along with overall better cost control. As well we offer our clients a ‘one-stop shop’ as our production facility fabricates both steel and lumber components.

Every member of the NA Structures team embodies our commitment of bringing excellence to every project, constantly learning, delivering ’better’ and never settling for anything but.

Our Values


Consideration for all people including our clients and our employees.


To adapt quickly to all circumstances we encounter.


Our employees to perform their duties with great competence and according to the rules of the art while being faithful to the code of professional ethics.


We want to stand together as a team with everyone involved in a building project


Optimization of interdepartmental communication in order to increase our efficiency and speed of execution. And we will deploy the necessary tools for tele-communicating in order to facilitate the transfer of information between management, employees and our partners.

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